Bougainvillea Bonsai

There is a variety of bonsai trees available. Bougainvillea bonsai is one of the most grown bonsai trees. It is a popular houseplant,Bougainvillea Bonsai Articles which can grow as much as four meters. It has bright magenta blossoms among lush green leaves. The bougainvillea prefers warm and dry conditions, that makes it appropriate for homes and offices. It is easily available in nurseries or getting it from bonsai growers isn’t a bad option either. But a better source is from old gardens and from trash piles.Different species of bougainvillea are used as bonsai. Some of them are1. Golden Glow – It has dark yellowish bracts that can fade.2. Louis Wathen – It is full of orange bracts.3. Orange King.4. Mrs. Butt – It has beautiful crimson bracts.5. Paper Flower – It is the most widely and commonly used species. It has hairy leaves with magenta coloured bracts.6. Snow White – It is rich in white bracts.7. Magnifica – It has lovely rose pink bracts.Many factors likeĀ watering, lighting, temperature and feeding are of much importance for the bougainvillea bonsai. As far as watering is concerned, the bougainvillea bonsai mostly likes it dry and has to be watered sparingly. However, during its blossoming, the bonsai requires more amount of water. Bonsai likes to be in full sunlight but never let the sun burn the leaves of the plant. In colder climates bougainvillea becomes deciduous. This bonsai should be kept at a temperature of 49F to 54F. The pests should also be kept in mind while growing bonsai. In this case, pests are rare but still why take a chance? Greenflies and whiteflies can be removed easily with some insecticide.The feeding for bonsai may range from a week to two weeks. Don’t just go on feeding the plant unless it needs it. Bonsai can be pruned at any time of the year. When the plant is young, new growth must be cut every month for a healthy plant. If you find your bonsai being a bit big, this is the right time to cut down the branches. The colours found are pink, red, yellow, purple, lavender, orange, and white. The double forms carry the blooms near the end of stems, rather than being evenly distributed.Bonsai is basically a tree that is grown and shaped in a particular way. There are other species as well that are used in bonsai trees. Like the Fir tree and the cedar are used to create a bonsai design. Some of these species grow taller and larger than a normal bonsai. But they still resemble the traditional bonsai trees. But, like any other plant, the proper care of it is very important so that it remains healthy and look its best.